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As the world’s first Facial Coding platform, which has been developed for over 20 years, we are trusted by some of the world’s prestigious brands and organizations.

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Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in the free report:

AI-powered insights

Why the future belongs to market research firms who deliver deeper results using AI-powered insights

Target market identification

How to help your market research firm clients identify their target markets with less time, cost and effort

Facial expression analysis

How to leverage cloud-based, facial expression analysis technology with up to a 99% accuracy rate

Emotional impact

Understanding the power of emotional impact that drives 95% of buying decisions for consumers of all demographics

At home testing

How to elicit the most natural, accurate responses by setting up tests in the comfort of a person's home

Value perception

Why emotional valence is the number one indicator of emotional engagement that leads to a perception of value

Analysis design

How to design, execute and analyze your own facial expression analysis without wasting precious resources

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Exponential Results.

The outstanding advantages of FaceReader Online are the fast availability of results, technical implementation support, affordable price and great communication. More important today, Ipsos needs to be a game changer, not just a data supplier to its clients.

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